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This fall promises to be generous with good cinema, because in the coming months many interesting films for every taste will be released: films about gangsters and superheroes, science fiction and historical films, dramas and comedies. Yes, there will be exciting scenarios and great actors that we love so much – we will find a lot of interesting things! And so that you do not miss a single cool movie novelty, Comfy Blog compiled a list of interesting films for the fall of 2019, which included a really suitable movie, and the dates of the premieres of these tapes in Ukraine. So, we tell you what to watch this fall from the latest cinema. New films for every taste!

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Films September 2019

September, it would seem, has already passed halfway, but several very interesting films are planned for the remaining couple of weeks. There are fighters with excellent star cast and an ambitious biographical drama, so you won’t get bored.

Rambo: Last Blood

Premiere in Ukraine: September 19th

The fifth and final part of the movie about the Vietnam War veteran John Rambo. Almost four decades have passed since the legendary fighter began his bloody journey in the name of justice, but the dark past still does not let him go. This time, on the way of John Rambo, performed by Sylvester Stallone, a fairly old, but still charismatic handsome rocker, turned out to be Mexico and a drug cartel rampaging on its territory. Classic action movies – a lot of weapons, bad guys and treacherous villainous plans, against which goes the unyielding John Rambo, saving another beauty.

To the stars

Premiere in Ukraine: September 19th

Another good film that will appear in Ukrainian box office on September 19. In the film “To the Stars” (Ad Astra), it tells about events from the life of the brave astronaut Major Roy McBride (Brad Pitt), who performs an important mission for all mankind. Well, in parallel, unraveling the secrets associated with the alleged death of his father, which occurred many years ago. Fathers, children, and secret missions are the perfect cocktail for a good fantasy thriller. Yes, and Tommy Lee Jones also starred here 😉


Premiere in Ukraine: September 26th

Screen version of the Pulitzer Prize-winning novel of the same name by American writer Donna Tartt. The film “Goldfinch” tells about the fate of the boy Theo Dekker, whose mother died during the explosion at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. But the child himself survived the terrorist attack, and even left the museum in the company of a ring and a painting by Karel Fabricius, which would subsequently seriously affect his whole life. The film is about people and their fears, about the value of things, desires and ideas.

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Premiere in Ukraine: September 27

Another biopic in the wake of Bohemian Rhapsody and Rocketman. This time the plot shows the fate of Hollywood actress Judy Garland – the same girl who played the role of Dorothy in the insanely old but moving film “The Wizard of Oz.” This biographical tape tells about the last months of Judy’s life, about how she combined the roles of mother, wife and star of the big stage. The film has already managed to get completely contradictory reviews, and heated debates are burning around the authenticity of the characters and events shown in it, but the fact that the image of the legendary Judy Garland created by Renee Zellweger turned out to be very strong, no doubt.

Films October 2019

October, good films this time is very generous – next month there will be a lot of cool films that have been promised to us for a very long time. So there are really a lot of upcoming films planned for October!


Premiere in Ukraine: October 3rd

In the “Joker” of 2019, the whole truth about the appearance of this supervillain will be revealed to us. Who is Arthur Fleck, what secrets connect him with the Wayne family, how and why did he turn into an inhuman monster with a clown face holding in fear the whole of Gotham City? The Joker finally reveals the cards! And if you have been looking forward to the release of the Joker with Joaquin Phoenix in the title role for a long time, you can rejoice – very little remains before the premiere of this film.

Double (Twin)

Premiere in Ukraine: October 10th

Once upon a time there was a hitman Henry Brogen, who really wanted to retire and become an ordinary person, as much as possible in his case. Only now, a sudden meeting with a suspiciously similar to himself, only a younger colleague pushes all pension plans away. So now Henry is trying to find out what is happening, who is this “clone of his” and why is he trying to kill him with all his might. Peppy fantastic action movie with Will Smith. More precisely, with two Will Smiths. As agent Smith, only Will Smith. Yes, Will Smith is never too much много

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Maleficent 2: Lady of Darkness

Premiere in Ukraine: October 18th

The unsurpassed Angelina Jolie again tries on the image of the evil beauty-witch. This time, the good-bad fairy and the future good queen are trying to establish their relationship, especially since they already have a common threat, which can only be confronted by joint efforts. We are waiting for new characters, enchanting battles of magicians and magical creatures, new secrets and revelations – the old tale of a sleeping beauty continues already in a new way.

Zombieland 2: Control Shot

Premiere in Ukraine: October 18th

The release date announced by the creators of the second part of “Zombieland” has not shifted anywhere, and already on October 18, 2019 we will see it. Zombieland 2 does not need a special introduction – a cult zombie trash for true connoisseurs. If you want to refresh the memory of the continuation of the adventures of Tallahassee and his young team, take a look at the link – Comfy Blog has already talked about the plot and some interesting points related to the new film. You can also watch the Zombieland 2 trailer there, if you haven’t seen it yet.

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Premiere in Ukraine: October 18th

Strange, gloomy, but very atmospheric movie. Willem Dafoe and Robert Pattinson got the main roles in Lighthouse, and this seemingly incompatible acting duo turned out to be exactly what was needed for such a creepy black and white horror. The company in the film gathered a small, but very worthy: a tiny rocky islet, an old lighthouse, an elderly ranger, a young assistant and uncontrolled madness. So it will be interesting.

Jojo’s Rabbit

Premiere in Ukraine: October 18th

Another film that continues the October series of weird surrealistic cinema. Jojo’s Rabbit is a black comedy directed by Taiki Waititi (Real Ghouls, Tor: Ragnarok, Green Lantern and other films of varying degrees of coolness), in which Taiki also played the role of imaginary Hitler.

So, the Second World War, a little German boy left without a father, is trying to survive among the aggression of his peers, the incomprehensible problems of the adult world and small but dangerous family secrets. And in this difficult matter he is helped by the imaginary Adolf Hitler, who becomes his best invented friend. The comedy is satirical, black-prechery, so people with a too tender sense of humor (or even without it) are not recommended to watch it.

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Laundry (Laundromat)

Netflix Premiere: October 18th

Like the Pandora’s box, only the Panama Archive 🙂 The plot of this black comedy is tied to events similar to the affairs of the Panama Dossier. A group of journalists spins a tangle of offshore, bribery and crimes of the powerful, and does it recklessly, with imagination and a twinkle, so that in the Laundry we will be shown that they found how they discovered and what it all led to. The film has a really cool cast – Gary Oldman, Meryl Streep, Antonio Banderas, Sharon Stone and David Schwimmer starred in the film, so you will get a lot of pleasure from playing your favorite actors.

Addams Family

Premiere in Ukraine: October 24th

A great cartoon film for fans of the old, kind, but crazy Addams family. The new film version promises a lot of black humor, a couple of fresh trends (yes, the red balloon in the trailer flashed not in vain) and unbreakable Addams family values. A gloomy but funny insanity that many of us missed so much. Who ordered gothic autumn nostalgia in a comedy format? 😉

Downton Abbey

Premiere in Ukraine: October 31

A gorgeous feature film about events developing around the old Downton estate and the Crowley family. Not so much time has passed since the moment on which the series ended, and now the aristocratic family is already waiting for a new shock – the royal family is visiting them with an examiner. And if all the difficulties began and ended only with the hassle of organizing a reception at the highest level, then the lords, the ladies, and their faithful servants would have lived much easier.

For those who miss the sarcastic remarks of the Dowager Countess Grantham, whose role is still played by the charismatic Elizabeth McGovern, luxurious decorations and elegant retro costumes, a full meter of “Downton Abbey” will be a healing balm for the soul.

Homeless Brooklyn (Orphan Brooklyn)

Premiere in Ukraine: October 31

Charming Edward Norton as a private detective Lionel Essrog trying to solve the murder of Frank Minn (Bruce Willis) – his mentor, a detective with manners of a professional swindler. And Lionel, no matter what, with manic confidence paves his way to unraveling the mystery. And the truth in the “Orphan Brooklyn” lies somewhere there – behind the bloodshot worlds of gangsters and the mafia, behind the gilded offices of corrupt politicians and dirty Brooklyn slums. The colorful atmosphere of America in the 50s, unexpected plot twists and many good actors in both major and minor roles.

Terminator: Dark Fates

Premiere in Ukraine: October 31

People, robots, modernized superhumans, pulling Sarah Connor to the title of the war granny of the year, and the aged but still invincible Terminator. The continuation and final part of the cult film series about the eternal battle of people and machines, in which artificial intelligence once again tries to destroy a person who is dangerous for the future power of machines. A lot of shootings, chases, spectacular transformations and dramatic scenes, so fans of old films about Terminator should definitely like the film. Everything is like in the good old “Terminators”.

Films November 2019

The last month of autumn also has something to please us with. And we are now talking not only about the release of the long-awaited “Irish” – there will be many decent films in various genres. But The Irishman, of course, is out of competition 😉

Dr. Dream

Premiere in Ukraine: November 7th

Do you like the adaptation of books by Stephen King? Then what about continuing the Shining? In the film “Doctor’s Dream,” the events shown in the Kubrick’s “Radiance” are unfolding. The boy, who survived everything that happened to his family at the Overluk Hotel, grew up and uses his abilities to ease the last days of the life of terminally ill hospice patients. But his measured, albeit strange life suddenly changes when fate brings him to the 12-year-old “shining” girl Abra. And those who need her.

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Ford vs Ferrari

Premiere in Ukraine: November 14th

A biographical drama about the battle for victory between the Ford and Ferrari teams, which unfolded in 1966 on the eve of the famous Le Mans 24 hour endurance race. Ford’s team set a bold, very ambitious goal: to create a better car than the Ferrari team and win these competitions. Great actors, great script and masterfully conveyed atmosphere of those events.

Charlie’s Angels

Premiere in Ukraine: 15th of November

The third part of the comedic epic about beautiful superagents – the very Charlie Angels. A dangerous development was stolen from a secret military base that could generate deadly impulses, so Elizabeth Banks had no choice but to send Kristen Stewart, Naomi Scott and Ella Balinsk to storm an impregnable castle full of villains and mercenaries. Cinema for connoisseurs of the genre.

Frozen 2

Premiere in Ukraine: November 21

A kind cartoon story about the adventures of two sisters, Elsa and Anna, continues. Peace and tranquility finally reign in the magical kingdom, but the royal sisters will learn some terrible secrets related to the past, and now they are sent to the North in search of clues. The company will be made up of sisters by their friends – Christoph, Olaf and the wonderful deer Sven. Secrets, legends and magic for fans of the cartoon Frozen!

Beautiful day next door

Premiere in Ukraine: November 22

The plot of the film “A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood” is based on real events – it tells about the incredibly kind, surprisingly bright man Fred Rogers (Tom Hanks), who has been broadcasting television programs for young children for three decades. One day, a young journalist Lloyd Vogel comes to Fred (the real journalist Tom Junod became the prototype of the character), who was instructed to interview and write an article about this TV presenter – he is cynical, biased and angry because of the need to prepare material about such a ridiculous, absurd thing about him look to the character. But even for such a thorny man, Fred Rogers found warm words, and his naive program, designed for kids, helped to bring peace and balance to the soul of an embittered adult. A very kind film, reminding that a small child lives in the soul of each of us – kind and bright.


Netflix Premiere: November 27

One of the most anticipated films about the Italian mafia of recent years. The plot of the Irishman film by Martin Scorsese is based on real events, namely on the autobiographical stories of Frank Sheeran, an Irish killer who for many years regularly destroyed the enemies of the Italian mafia, who settled in the States. A magnificent caste, excellent directorial work and a completely non-banal plot promise to turn Irish into a real gem of a movie about the Italian mafia.

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