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And what kind of refrigerator do you have??

Long gone are the days when the refrigerator was a luxury that only rich and wealthy people could afford. Today, not a single family can live without a refrigerator; it is in every house. We are sure that you have it too.

Have you ever attached importance to what refrigerator of which company is in your house? Probably not. After all, when buying a new refrigerator, most often they choose a new device based on how often it will be necessary to defrost it (or whether it will need to be done at all), the size of the refrigerator, and also choose a color to impress the overall design of the kitchen. And, most often, in the last turn, the buyer looks at which company made the refrigerator.

But this is not the right approach. Of course, you can understand the ordinary Ukrainian consumer. Indeed, in our stores they offer a myriad of various refrigerators from dozens or even hundreds of different brands. That is why it is so important to navigate at least in the technologies and developments of the most popular manufacturers.

Many manufacturers that have worked well in the market have long implemented proprietary technologies and developments in their refrigerators and continue to introduce new ones. It is such patented developments that distinguish them from competitors.

What exactly is different, for example, Samsung from Indesit and whether LG refrigerators differ in anything from Zanussi refrigerators, this article will help to understand.

Next, we will look at the five most popular brands under which modern refrigerators are manufactured..


Samsung produces the most popular refrigerators in Ukraine. Samsung refrigerators are preferred due to their stable reliability and attractive design. The model range of refrigerators from this manufacturer is quite large and has in its assortment many different colors, shapes and formats. Samsung produces both single-chamber and two-chamber refrigerators. Also in the Samsung production line there are freezers.

Among the two-chamber Samsung refrigerators, the largest assortment falls on refrigerators with a lower freezer. A smaller choice among side-by-side refrigerators and the smallest assortment of refrigerators with an upper freezer, which are losing their popularity among buyers.

For the Ukrainian market, Samsung refrigerators are manufactured in Korea (refrigerators with lower freezer and side-by-side), Poland (refrigerators with lower freezer) and China (refrigerators with upper freezer and side-by-side).

Absolutely all modern Samsung refrigerators use the NoFrost freezing system. Thanks to this, Samsung refrigerators do not need to defrost. In addition, an inverter compressor is installed on all Samsung refrigerators. The modern inverter compressor made refrigerators from the Korean manufacturer one of the most economical and quiet refrigerators.

If you have a Samsung refrigerator in your house, then it will be completely protected from power surges, because each such refrigerator is equipped with a VoltControl system. Such a system allows the device to withstand surges up to 400 V.

These are the most basic technologies that distinguish Samsung refrigerators from competitors. But there are others that are not used massively in all models. For example, a double cooling system is used so that the odors inside the refrigerator do not have any chance of mixing. In this case, two separate cooling systems are used for the refrigerator and freezer separately..

It is also noteworthy that Samsung refrigerators are equipped with their own compressor, which is manufactured specifically for Samsung refrigerators. Compressors from other manufacturers the Korean brand simply does not use.


The Italian brand Indesit is known today in the field of refrigerator manufacturing as a manufacturer of budget-friendly or, in other words, affordable refrigerators. It was this factor that more than others influenced the great popularity of Indesit refrigerators in the Ukrainian market.

Indesit manufactures refrigerators with upper and lower freezers, as well as freezers. The production of Indesit refrigerators for the Ukrainian market is concentrated in Poland (mainly refrigerators with a lower freezer, less often from the top), Russia (refrigerators of all formats and freezers) and China (some models of refrigerators with an upper freezer).

The Indesit refrigerator can have both a static freezing system and a NoFrost system. Refrigerators with a static system (also called drip) will need to be regularly defrosted. The frequency is approximately once every 6-8 months. Such refrigerators are the cheapest in the Indesit lineup. NoFrost refrigerators will not have to be defrosted, but they will cost more.

Also, relatively recently, a line of Indesit refrigerators with a combined freezing system went on sale in Ukraine. Such a system combines the advantages of drip refrigerated compartments and a freezer with the NoFrost system. Such refrigerators also do not need to defrost.

The low price of Indesit refrigerators is also due to the fact that refrigerators from the Italian brand are equipped with mass-produced compressors, the cost of which is several times cheaper, for example, Samsung inverter compressors. However, due to such savings, Indesit refrigerators, as a rule, have higher rates in electricity consumption and are somewhat noisier. The life of such compressors is shorter..

The warranty for Indesit refrigerators is 1 year.


LG is Samsung’s main competitor in various industries. No exception and the production of refrigerators. Moreover, the technologies of both companies are extremely similar. After Samsung began installing inverter compressors in all models of its refrigerators, and not just in premium ones, LG pulled them up as well. Almost immediately, the entire lineup was equipped with linear compressors. The principle of operation of such a compressor is different, comparable to an inverter, but the result was similar. As a result, LG refrigerators became more economical, quieter and all compressors received 10 years of warranty. Later, some models also received inverter-type compressors similar to Samsung.

LG was founded and is based today in South Korea. But in the Ukrainian market you can hardly find a Korean refrigerator from LG. In most cases, LG refrigerators for the Ukrainian consumer are assembled in Poland (refrigerators with bottom freezer and side-by-side), Indonesia (refrigerators with top freezer), Russia and China (refrigerators with bottom freezer and side-by-side).

All LG refrigerators have a NoFrost freezing system, thanks to which they will not need to be defrosted. In addition, many LG refrigerators use EcoFriendly technology, which will significantly reduce energy costs. This technology will be very useful when you are leaving, for example, on vacation..

All LG refrigerators have an in-house compressor. Like Samsung, LG does not install third-party compressors on its refrigerators.

The warranty period for LG refrigerators is 1 year.


For several years now, the Belarusian manufacturer of household appliances Atlant has become one of the most popular manufacturers of refrigerators in Ukraine. Such popularity is largely due to the reasonable price for the average Ukrainian family and the good quality of refrigerators manufactured in Belarus..

Atlant manufactures single-chamber, two-chamber refrigerators with a lower freezer and an upper one, as well as freezers and chests.

In Ukraine, Atlant refrigerators have gained recognition in many respects thanks to models with two compressors. Atlant refrigerators are manufactured both with the NoFrost freezing system and with a static system. However, two-compressor models have an exclusively static freezing system, which is the main disadvantage of this technology.

However, models with two compressors boast separate temperature control in the refrigerator compartment and freezer. And some models have the ability to turn off a separate refrigerator or freezer.

Despite the fact that many Atlant refrigerators are equipped with two compressors, power consumption and noise figures often do not exceed those with a single compressor. The thing is that two-compressor models are equipped with less powerful units, so they do not create such noise as their more powerful single-compressor counterparts.

The warranty period for Atlant refrigerators is 3 years..


The German manufacturer of refrigeration equipment Liebherr in our country is known for its premium and fairly expensive refrigerators. However, few people know that Liebherr is also involved in the production of dump trucks, cranes, etc..

Nevertheless, such versatility does not prevent Liebherr from producing high-quality refrigerators and freezers, which allowed them to gain a significant market share in this area..

Liebherr refrigerators not only for Ukraine but also for the whole world are produced at three plants: in Austria, Germany and Bulgaria.

Liebherr is best known for its combination cooling models. The drip refrigeration chamber maintains optimal humidity for storing food and does not wind them. And thanks to the NoFrost freezer, Liebherr refrigerators do not require defrosting. However, the model range of the German manufacturer also has models with fully static systems and full NoFrostLiebherr refrigerators are interesting thanks to the patented SmartFrost system. Such a system significantly reduces the amount of frost on frozen foods and the inner walls of the refrigerator, which makes the quality of freezing several times higher.

Also, refrigerators from a German company are known for their pusher handle. Thanks to this convenient handle, opening the refrigerator becomes much easier, and the seal on the door of Liebherr refrigerators lasts much longer.

3 year Liebherr refrigerator warranty.

In addition to TOP 5

Above, we examined the five most popular brands of refrigerators in Ukraine over the past few years. However, in addition to the five leaders, there are manufacturers who, although still inferior in popular popularity, nevertheless, delight us with equally high-quality refrigerators.

For example, for almost any Ukrainian family, the large capacity of the refrigerator compartment is important so that it is possible to install large pots and three-liter jars there. The increased interior space boasts German refrigerators of the Bosch VarioXL series. The internal volume of such refrigerators is increased by 23%.

Also, affordable price with optimal quality is important for the Ukrainian consumer. This ratio boasts refrigerators from a US company Whirlpool. New Whirlpool refrigerators feature compressors with a 10-year warranty.

Both Bosch and Whirlpool are quite well-known and respected in Ukraine, the refrigerators of these two brands have proven their best side, and they lack just a little to the top five.

The well-known Lithuanian Snajge, Turkish Beko, Italian Zanussi and Swedish Electrolux are also quite popular..

These manufacturers do not use any special technologies in their refrigerators, but due to their good quality and long service life, they do not lose their high positions in the ratings of popular popularity.

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