We did it! “Dobrofon” helped the children’s hospital to buy a high-precision apparatus for cardiological ultrasound!

Friends, great news! Thanks to you and your support, the new unit for cardiac ultrasound works in the children’s department of the Dnipropetrovsk Regional Clinical Center for Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery – the Philips iЕ33 high-precision scanner, which will help save many children’s lives!

In May 2019, together with the Kiddo charity foundation, we held the Dobrofon campaign for the third time. This year, 20,199 residents of Ukraine took part in it. And we are grateful to each of these people, because it was thanks to you that 201 990 hryvnias were collected that were necessary to pay off the remaining debt for this ultrasound scanner. The Philips iE33 high-precision cardiovascular exam is vital for young patients, so in February 2019 it was purchased by the hospital in installments. Part of the cost of the scanner, which is 1 million hryvnias, was paid off by the Dnepropetrovsk philanthropist Vadim Vladimirovich Ermolaev, part of the money was transferred by the inhabitants of the Dnieper and charitable organizations, and part was collected by the Dobrofon campaign.

Each time, when one of the smartphones was bought in Comfy physical stores or on our Comfy.ua website during this promotion, we transferred a part of the money from its value to the Kiddo account. We didn’t put extra margins and didn’t try to block these charitable contributions in any other way – good should be good, not advertising, so we just did it all together. And now in the children’s department of pediatric cardiac surgery, anesthesiology and intensive care of the Dnipropetrovsk Regional Clinical Center, a very accurate machine for cardiac ultrasound works. And with the help of this device, more than a thousand small patients were examined already – the children were able to make accurate diagnoses and were prescribed the most effective treatment.

We have been holding the Dobrofon campaign together with the Kiddo Charity Fund for the third year in a row, and during this time over 70,000 Ukrainians took part in it. Together we have collected more than 700,000 hryvnias that have been directed by the Kiddo charity fund to improve children’s hospitals and help tens of thousands of babies throughout Ukraine. And we did all this together with you!

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