Waiting for the New Year: learn how to bake fortune cookies

New Year – as “the birthday of every person” (Charles Lam, English poet and publicist). And this is an excellent chance to change your life for the better (for details here), start eating right, love sports, books, find new friends. Well, please the old ones with whom you like to celebrate holidays, do not forget. For example, an original fortune cookie. And he has his own story …

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  1. Moon cakes from China or “traditional American cookies”?
  2. We recall the most desirable predictions
  3. We bake New Year’s cookies with predictions. Recipe
  4. We serve cookies with a secret

Moon cakes from China or “traditional American cookies”?

They say the famous fortune cookie comes from China. An ancient legend tells of a Chinese who, in honor of the harvest festival every year on the 15th night of the eighth moon – on the Mid-Autumn Festival – baked moon cakes. They are also called moon cakes (yuebins) or munchakes (English Mooncake).

This amazing new year. As celebrated in the world

The treat has become a kind of mail. A witty person hid secret messages in pastries or walnuts and sent to like-minded people as a gift. The tradition has successfully taken root and has survived to the present day. Secret messages turned into comic fortune-telling, friendly jokes, holiday wishes.

It is believed that these sweets, broken with a sinking heart and eaten with a delicious crunch, were invented in America, not in China. Today in restaurants they are – a fortune cookie – often served after main courses. And in the 40s of the XX century, they could only be found in restaurants in San Francisco. They were served as “traditional American cookies.”.

For over 20 years, the largest producer of fortune-telling cookies has been the Brooklyn Corporation Wonton Food. It produces more than 4.5 million cookies per day. And it seems that the life credo of the former vice president of the company Donald Lau, who generated more than 15 thousand original messages for them, is: “To become successful, think with sentences of 10 words”.

The “magical” delicacy also entered the world cinema. In 1991, the short film “Cookies with the Prediction” (Darren Aronofsky) was shot, in 1999 – the feature film “Cookies with the Prediction” (Rob Thomas).

And we begin to work miracles and, first of all, arm ourselves with a smile. What next…

We recall the most desirable predictions

Getting to this interesting stage, decide who you will give the treat to. Indeed, the text of the notes depends on this..

So, a loved one will like romantic lines, declarations of love, compliments, and comic messages to friends.

Convolutions with wishes, prophecies, wise sayings and aphorisms, prepare in advance using strips of thin paper 7×1 cm in size. The main thing is that your creative should make loved ones smile, follow good forecasts.

We want to help you in this simple matter of selecting wishes-predictions for all occasions:

  • Bring the business to the end – and you will have a pleasant surprise
  • Just say yes. Find out soon to whom and when!
  • Do not miss your chance – go to the gym
  • You will face a problem: where to spend extra money
  • If you want to keep food in the refrigerator, do not eat at night
  • Shyness is not in fashion – reach out to your loved one
  • Enter the boss’s office with your left foot – get a raise
  • To find out the future, send SMS to 2019
  • Do not deny yourself a vacation, it promises to be unforgettable!
  • Become bolder in your choice – know your worth
  • Open the door – wealth is knocking on you
  • Spend more time with your soulmate
  • Beware, there is a wave of impressions ahead
  • Be careful! Career ladder may be shattered ladder
  • Ahead – a fascinating journey into the country of your dreams

Be original, do not repeat. Recall that Donald Lau, chief writer of predictions at Wonton Food, before retiring created about 15 thousand messages scattered in cookies all over the world. All of these messages are in the company database..

According to Lau, in the 1980s, when he was appointed chief writer of predictions, he was presented with a stack of yellowed texts resembling horoscopes. Something like “tomorrow you will meet your love” or “good luck awaits you”. There are almost no forecasts in modern Wonton Food cookies: as a rule, sayings that raise our mood and make us happier, aphorisms.

Wonton Food sometimes runs contests for the best predictions online. In addition, it constantly monitors consumer reactions. And you know, different stories happened with the predictions hiding in cookies. So, for example, the company became the subject of a state investigation – after people began to win large sums, indicating numbers from the turnover of predictions in lottery tickets.

It is interesting. Cookies have become one of the gameplay elements of games such as Shadow Warrior and Shadow Warrior 2.

There were incidents like complaints from an abandoned wife, whose husband “opened” cookies, predicting a romance on a business trip.

By the way, writing wishes and predictions is a good way to relieve stress at home and create the New Year mood that everyone wants, but not everyone has.

We bake New Year’s cookies with predictions. Recipe

You need (for the test):

  • 3 egg whites
  • a pinch of salt
  • 90 grams of powdered sugar
  • 60 grams of flour
  • 20 grams of melted butter
  • cinnamon, vanilla, nutmeg
  • 3-4 tbsp. l water

What to do:

  1. Separate the whites from the yolks. Beat the whites with a pinch of salt to increase volume. Add the icing sugar and continue whisking for another five minutes. Sift the flour into the mixture, add the oil and add spices..

Mix everything thoroughly and pour in so much water to get a liquid honey consistency.

We advise you to try. You can get a colorful dessert using mashed potatoes from beets, carrots, fresh spinach, added to the dough for baking. Such culinary creativity will present a wonderful mood and a mountain of colorful dumplings-bows.

  1. Cover the baking sheet with grease, grease with butter. Pour 1 tbsp. l dough and level with a spatula to get flat cakes with a diameter of up to 8 cm and a thickness of up to 3 mm. If thicker, there will be difficulty folding.
  2. Bake cookies for 7–10 minutes at 180 degrees until golden brown on the edges.
  3. Turn off the oven, open the door and remove one cake each. Work fast: put a paper ribbon with wishes on top of the cake, fold the round pieces in half and gently bend it through the edge of the cup into the horseshoe. That’s all you have for only half a minute. Do the same with the remaining cakes..

While the first four “pancakes” cools down on a cup, pour the following blanks onto a baking sheet.

Rolled into a horseshoe cookie, dip one at a time in cups or muffin cups, this will help maintain their shape.

Important. Perform all operations for folding cookies quickly enough. Start with a small portion of the dough, there is a chance not to have time to roll all the cakes until they have cooled and started to crumble.

In addition to traditional cookies in the form of dumplings, choose any forms of shortbread cookies that you like: stars, Christmas trees, hearts, New Year’s toys. It is desirable that in the test for such desserts, small holes were made for fastening the convolution.

Decorate cookies with multi-colored ribbons and paper cards with predictions.Notes can also be placed inside the baking dish, previously wrapped in cling film

Remained the most fascinating part of the work (and you can even envy a bit). This is a cookie decor. You need to start with the preparation of glaze.

You need (for glaze):

  • 200 grams of powdered sugar
  • 1 protein
  • food colorings
  • pastry bag with nozzle No. 1

Prepare the icing: sugar white or multi-colored. For sugar icing, gradually mix the protein with powdered sugar. Snow-white, decorated with a colored ribbon, it looks very festive. You will get a color decor by dropping your favorite color of food coloring into white icing, and caramel by melting one hundred grams of soft sweets in half a glass of milk.

Before painting, be sure to let the glaze dry. It will take from several hours to a day if it is not too dense.

After cooling, paint the finished cookies. Circle the outline first, then apply the glaze.

Or just dip in melted chocolate and pastry topping.

We serve cookies with a secret

English wisdom says: if you have learned to give, then you know how to live. And fortune cookies are a great New Year surprise gift for children and adults.

It is important not only to cook deliciously, but also to creatively serve “magic” goodies.

Collect some of these cookies by color in a festive packaging and tie them with ribbon.

And if you try hard, then do-it-yourself packaging will be another pleasant surprise.

A beautiful dish with cookies, a bright box, a wicker basket can become a non-standard decoration of the festive table.

Invite guests to choose their favorite treat and voice a wish or keep it secret with the hope of fulfillment.

By the way, “tasty predictions” sometimes really bring good luck. History knows the case when a person won almost a million dollars by entering the numbers from fortune cookies on the lottery ticket.

It is important to sincerely believe – and predictions will come true. In any case, the festive mood will definitely be added. And remember that “on New Year’s Eve, all desires have a special power” (“Magic Drink”, Michael Ende).

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