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Honor smartphones appeared in our country not so long ago, but already managed to get a lot of flattering reviews. Due to its relatively short stay, this brand may not be as popular or famous as, say, Samsung or Huawei. But, most likely, this phenomenon is temporary, because in Europe and Asia Honor smartphones have long become one of the leaders in their segment.

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It’s no secret that Honor is directly related to the giant for the production of mobile gadgets and devices Huawei, but, despite this, Honor smartphones have their own model range, their own chips and features, and their smartphones are grouped into individual lines. In order to better get acquainted with Honor smartphones, let’s figure out all of its lines presented in our country.

For those who just call and use the Internet – Honor 7

Interestingly, at Honor, they decided to name their lines not by some letters or mysterious words, as Huawei does, but simply number them. At this stage, the Honor 7 line has become the most budgetary and has the most modest parameters and capabilities. The low price tag is very attractive to this line, but it is worthwhile to understand that an inexpensive smartphone will not work absolutely for all purposes of use, but only for the most important.

The brightest representative of this line, of course, is the Honor 7A. Externally, the smartphone does not look bad enough, it has a good battery, a good camera and a rather big display. Such a gadget is suitable for calls, messages and surfing the network, but do not rely on the fact that we will be able to fully launch a game on it with more or less modern graphics.

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In fact, today it is the only representative of the Honor 7 line, but more recently, it was attended by a galaxy of popular phones, such as the Honor 7A Pro, 7C and 7X. Now the production of these devices by Honor has been suspended, and we are invited to turn our attention to the “eight”.

Among the advantages of the Honor 7 line, it is worth noting their incredibly liberal cost, because for a relatively small amount, we become the owner of a smartphone from a well-known brand. But it is worth recognizing that this line has an attractive appearance only comparable to competitors in the same price segment, and the transition to Honor 8 seems inevitable.

Smartphones line Honor 7 for 2019:
Honor 7A

More memory, more screen, more cores – Honor 8

We can assume that the line of smartphones Honor 8 is a notch higher not only in terms of nomenclature, but also in its real characteristics. In fact, it is. In the “eighth” series, we can already see the most modern technologies associated with the creation of the display, more productive hardware and more memory, which is important for a modern smartphone.

For quite a long period of time, the main smartphone in this line is the Honor 8X. It has a large 6.5-inch FullView display, GPU Turbo technology that increases the performance of the device during games and makes its autonomy somewhat larger, as well as the proven and reliable 8-core Kirin 710 processor. But, anyway, this is the model 2018 years, and now in the Honor 8X lineup new models are available.

Attention! Honor 8X

They can hardly compete with Honor 8X, because their mission is to make us forget about Honor 7. These are inexpensive devices that have basic parameters, but are relevant for today. We are talking about the Honor 8S, the most inexpensive smartphone in the line, and the Honor 8A, which, despite its price tag, has an 8-core processor.

Accordingly, Honor 8S is the most inexpensive smartphone in the line for the most undemanding users. But Honor 8A already has a processor that is capable of solving more or less serious problems, an NFC sensor and a FullView display with 6.1ʺ. Despite the fact that 8A is also a budget gadget, its parameters tell us how inexpensive smartphones will look in the very near future.

Smartphones line Honor 8 for 2019:
Honor 8S
Honor 8A
Honor 8X

Almost the flagship Honor 10

How do you imagine a smartphone worthy of being called the flagship not only of a single line, but of the entire model range of smartphones of the same brand? There can be several answers to this question. Someone will say that this is the most expensive smartphone, someone will note that it should be the most productive device, and someone will say that it has the largest memory margin. All of these options have the right to exist..

For a long time, the Honor 10 was considered the flagship of the entire model range, in fact, it is now. But there is a feeling that very soon we will be able to get acquainted with his successor, this would be logical, because it’s time to give battle to the main competitors. At the time of its presentation, Honor 10 possessed almost the most advanced features with many chips and innovations, which in a short time became a familiar phenomenon not only for flagships.

It is interesting! Honor 10i: triple camera and that’s it?

Among many different brands, it has become fashionable to present a kind of simplified flagship substitute. Honor was no exception. However, their Honor 10 Lite, which, judging by the name and should claim a vacant place “almost flagship”, reminds us of Honor 10 with its appearance and basic characteristics. But if you look in more detail, Honor 10 Lite is more an attempt create something resembling a business-class smartphone, but with the price tag of a budget device. And, in fact, Honor succeeded.!

Another contender for the title of simplified flagship could be the Honor 10i, which is about to appear in store windows. The new smartphone promises to please us with its triple main camera with an excellent aperture and wide-angle lens, the latest software and an updated Kirin 710F processor.

Smartphones line Honor10 for 2019:
Honor 10 Lite
Honor 10
Honor 10i

People love to play – Honor Play

Now the smartphone is often used for other purposes. This is a multifunctional and multi-purpose device that has ceased to be just a switch and we not only make calls via a smartphone, but also solve work issues, visit pages on social networks, look for information on the Internet, and also play. It was for the latter option that Honor created a whole line, which is represented by only one device – Honor Play.

Is it symbolic that the Honor Play smartphone was the first among those who offered us to try out such a popular technology called GPU Turbo. Today, this innovation is available in many devices from Honor and Huawei. In addition, in the Honor Play we have access to the flagship processor Kirin 970, as well as technologies that can transmit not only an excellent image, but also reliable tactile sensations.

Smartphones line HonorPlayfor 2019:
Honor play

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Did we forget something? – Honor 9?

In the list of the entire model range, you can pay attention to the lack of the Honor 9 line. This may seem like an omission or a mistake on our part, but it is not at all. The Honor 9 line has until recently been present at the windows of domestic stores, but it was replaced very quickly by newer and more advanced Honor 10 smartphones.

In 2018, the Honor 9 line was quite popular, and the specific Honor 9 Lite smartphone could rightly be called a popular model until the beginning of 2019, so we all liked it. It is for this reason that we put forward high demands on their followers, namely Honor 10 Lite and Honor 10i. And the Honor 9 line is expected in its new reincarnation, which, perhaps, will replace modern smartphones from Honor 8.

To summarize

Today, the entire Honor lineup can be divided into four main categories. This is Honor 7, which has been replaced by Honor 8. Next comes Honor 10, led by its flagship smartphone range, and Honor Play stands out with its features and chips. In fact, everything is quite simple and clear, especially considering the fact that both the cost and the growth of productivity and parameters correspond to the number of an individual line.

Here are just one nuance that haunts. If we take into account our experience and that of competitors of Honor, it can be seen that many other companies create their own lines based on what parameters and capabilities smartphones from these lines have, while Honor includes smartphones with completely different parameters and purposes in separate series . For example, the “eighth” line contains devices such as Honor 8S and 8X, which are significantly different from each other..

A very interesting approach, which has the right for us to pay attention to this.!

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