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So I want to download an interesting game on Android and stick, without endlessly digging into Google Play in search of something like that. You can make a choice by watching a colorful advertising video about the game and once again disappointedly remove it permanently from your gadget, regretting the time spent. And you can take advantage of our recommendations by choosing one of the top Android games. The rating was compiled by the number of downloads and the established rating.


An open world game about survival, the peculiarity of which is its graphics and the ability to build your world as you want. Minecraft can be played in two modes: creative, when you are not afraid of zombies, skeletons and other monsters that inhabit the pixel world of the game. You can calmly realize your dreams and design abilities by building a medieval castle or farming while raising cows, chickens and other animals.

The second “hardcore” mode is a survival mode, where in addition to supporting your life and your household, as well as collecting valuable metals and materials, you will have to deal with fiery, diamond, mutants and other monsters.

You can play Minecraft yourself or online with friends, but for a fee. The game is running on Android version 4.1+. It was downloaded by more than 10 million people, who on average rated the game at 4.3 points.

Plants vs. Zombies

You don’t know what to play on Android, so that it’s both interesting and convenient to control, then Plants vs. Zombies are exactly what you like. A game in the style of “defend the tower”. It runs on Android old versions, shareware game. Despite the presence of paid content (buying plants), this does not interfere with playing fully without their investments.

The plot is tied to the confrontation of zombies and plants from your garden, while you can play both for zombies and for garden flora. You will find a wide variety of evil, but cute and funny, risen from dead monsters and a large number of defensive plants that shoot, explode, slow down, freeze and even give money. Several colorful locations for which there are special weapons plants. Despite the fact that the meaning of the game is a uniform victory over the enemy, Plants vs. Zombies are hard to call boring.

In total, the application was downloaded by 100 million people from all over the world, and the rating is 4.4 points, 4 million people left their reviews about the game. Decent indicators by which you can evaluate the interest of the game for Android.

Plants vs. Zombies 2

The difference between the first and second game in more features. In Plants vs. Zombies 2 you also have to fight with zombies, you can only play for plants. But there are several fundamental differences that make the game on Android addictive:

  1. Several different worlds with their own difficulty levels: disco world, sea, wild west, pirate, ice age, summer cottage, space world.
  2. A larger number of plants that can be improved, buy for real and game money, as well as for sweets.
  3. The graphics of the game are much better than in the first part, as well as the musical accompaniment..
  4. Additional endless levels, bonus games with opening pots.
  5. Additional levels for the holidays, daily bonus levels with the ability to get points to plants to raise their level and cash prizes.
  6. The possibility of a duel battle with real players. When you win, you get candy, money, points for plants. Beating all random rivals, you can go into the battle of the strongest and win the highest award – the jade cup.

The advantage of the game is diversity, in thinking through the tactics of choosing and placing war plants. The application will brighten up leisure time for both an adult gamer and a child, because there are no bloody stories and pictures in it. The game works well and does not slow down on Android 4.5+, more than 100 million people have downloaded it, the rating is estimated at 4.3 points. The main drawback of the application – it takes up a lot of space on the gadget.

Angry birds 2

An arcade game is a legend, which at one time was a breakthrough and won fans all over the world. Angry Birds app can be considered one of the best games on Android. The plot is based on the destruction of the defensive fortifications of pig farms by birds, each of which is endowed with its own forces: speed, the presence of egg bombs that can be dropped over enemy buildings, the force of the blow, cloning into three separate birds, and more. The graphics are bright, juicy, non-trivial, the physics of the game is well thought out, that is, there are no illogical strokes in it. The flight paths are pleasantly surprising – you really set up the future strike and its power yourself.

In the second part, to complete the game, you will have to work on 1370 levels. After the final victory or during the journey to it, you can arrange competitions with real people on the Internet. In case of victory, you will receive pearls, gems and can take the podium of the best player.

To summarize, we can say that this is an interesting phone game that doesn’t “eat” a lot of resources. In total, it was downloaded by more than 100 million people, in general, gamers estimate the application at 4.6 points. A total of 4 million 200 thousand users took part in the assessment. The game is shareware, with the ability to increase your chances of winning by purchasing additional bonuses, there is an advertisement.

Clash of clans

Included in TOP games on Android with paid content. One of the advertised games, which was downloaded by more than 500 million people, and 47 million people left reviews about the application and rated it 4.6 points!

Features of the game in its cartoon style, nice graphics and excellent sound and music. By genre, the game belongs to strategy. As in the classic strategies, you will need to develop your settlement, equipping it with defensive structures, a strong army, for which you will need enough food and training buildings. In the game you will fight in duels, rob or conquer neighboring villages, not forgetting to leave the soldiers to protect your own settlement. After all, while you become the ruler of the world, your neighbors can leave you without resources.

You can play Clash of Clans alone, fighting with artificial intelligence or with real people via the Internet. Paid content is all sorts of bonuses and chips that help you pump your village and warriors faster. A user who will play without investing in the application will not be deprived of some lotions, but the speed of advancement of the settlement and the army will be significantly lower.


Casual game, which is a combination of urban planning and farming. The application will work fine if you install it on a gadget with Android 4.3 and higher. Applies to super games on Android thanks to colorful graphics, large images and an interesting plot.

It all starts with the fact that the player is given land on which to grow wheat, sugarcane and other plants. By selling them, you will receive funds for the construction of buildings, the purchase of seeds, agricultural equipment. As in other similar games, factories and plants will be available for you, where you can process grown products and products that will be given by livestock. To increase the number of citizens and the development of the village, you will need to build hospitals, schools, police stations and other communal buildings.

Despite the high rating of games (4.6), users also note its shortcomings – a limited sales market. For this, the game thought out sending products by rail and by air, which each time comes back longer and longer. Despite this, fans of the game remain with her for several years..

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

Download the game for free does not work, to download it you will need to pay a small amount (about 5 dollars). A game marked 18+, that is, children and minors is not recommended to play it. The game application on gadgets with the version of Android 2.3 and newer versions is loaded and normally installed. Total downloaded the game, compared with previous options, a million people. But among the action games – this is the best game on Android.

The game Grand Theft Auto: Vice City is an old and well-known GTA, which received its second life in a mobile format. You are waiting for all the same gangsters, girls in bikinis and indescribable chases. At the same time, control is well implemented in the version for Android, which is surprising for such games. While playing the game, an exciting plot and cool gameplay await you.


The game is included in the best games on Android in the genre of adventure arcade. Implemented using 2-D graphics, which is so reminiscent of another application – Minecraft. In the game you have to survive, extracting resources and using the tools available to you.

The game begins with the creation of your character, although you are limited to a few dozen pixels, you can choose the color of the skin, hair, gender, clothes for your character. After that, you appear in a randomly generated world with the initial equipment for the extraction of stone, wood and protect yourself from enemies. The first thing to focus on is resources. In Terraria, crafting will not be a dull event, because for the extraction of valuable materials, you will go further and further, getting into interesting locations and meeting strong opponents. The advantages of the game are that the player himself creates the plot of the game, creates new objects, combines them, designs buildings.

In total, the game was downloaded by more than 10 million people, one hundred thousand people rated it at 4.1 points on the schedule, interface.

World of tanks blitz

On Google Play, the game can be found in the action and best-selling genres # 1. The legendary game that has won admirers long before its implementation as an application on Android. You can download and install the TOP game on Android on version 4.3 and higher. You can download it for free, there is paid content that does not create a big gap between the players, paid accounts just get the opportunity to open rare types of tanks.

By installing the game you will plunge into dynamic battles on tanks of the times of the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945. You will start the game as a green tanker with the simplest fighting machine, but in the end you will go all the way to an experienced fighter who can win battles in light, medium and heavy combat vehicles. The game provides for the creation of a team of players, the number of not more than 7 people. You will be able to think through joint attacks on enemies and tactics of warfare. You can also participate in team tournaments or individual tournaments. What is available to players in the world of World of Tanks Blitz:

  • 250 types of heavy military equipment.
  • The ability to research and improve the technical equipment of tanks.
  • Over 20 locations.
  • Nice graphics and music.

The World of Tanks Blitz application is one of the most interesting games on Android, which has been holding its leading position for 4 years now. In total, it was downloaded by more than 70 million people around the world, and the total score of gameplay, graphics and control is 4.3 points.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Another game marked 18+ is the fifth of the famous GTA, the events of which this time begin in ’92, during the heyday of crime in California. The main character, a complete prototype of a PC game character, falls into the cycle of the underworld, which begins with a false murder charge and ends with the unification of criminal clans.

Like Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, in this version you will be able to drive cars, in addition, the ability to climb and swim and the use of additional equipment, for example, a jetpack, is added. The peculiarity of the game is the absence of paid content, action and action. Popular Android game that has been downloaded by more than one million people.

Vikings: War of Clans

Vikings: Clan War is one of the most popular Android games. Scandinavian-style strategy with RPG elements. You can play it alone, but it’s quite difficult, because while you are trying to develop, more complex players rob you. Therefore, for a more rapid development of the settlement, join the ranks of a clan. So you will be protected from the attacks of weaker teams and stronger single players. Even the name of the game suggests that it’s better to play it by joining a clan.

In clans, the assignment of the rank to each member of the team is thought out: ordinary, warrior, leader, elder, general. The higher your rating in the clan, the more opportunities you have. For example, the leader has the opportunity to exclude or accept players on the team, as well as the right to purchase in the clan store. But the ranking distribution is not limited to the Vikings game.

In order to win, it is necessary to develop and organize other divisions of the clan, therefore other positions are distributed among the players: diplomat, banker, spy, saboteur. It all depends on the strategic line for the development of the clan..

The game Vikings: War of Clans is an interesting military-economic strategy with paid content, which helps to recover much faster in case of defeat or faster to develop your settlement or your clan. The game was downloaded by more than 10 million people in two years of existence, the rating of the game on Android is quite high – 4.5 points.

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