TOP 5 budget tablets for February 2018

A tablet computer is an excellent tool for spending leisure time, thanks to which we can play, find out useful news and chat with friends.

How many universal devices do we know that can combine tremendous functionality and capabilities? Surely, if right now you ask yourself such a question, then without careful consideration and understanding, it will not work. Meanwhile, one of the few such devices is the most common tablet. It may not seem immediately clear why the most ordinary tablet computer is universal and what. And just imagine that we returned that way a dozen years ago.

Most of the information about current news, or simply about the facts we are interested in, was obtained from newspapers, television, radio, and a computer connected to the Internet. Games and entertainment were also available, to a greater extent, thanks to a computer or game consoles. But how to make a photo quickly? For this purpose inexpensive, but not bad cameras were used (remember, before there were “soap dishes”?). Now let’s get back these days. Do we need so many devices for such purposes? Not at all, because all this can be obtained using a simple tablet. But what if we cannot or do not want to spend large sums on the purchase of a new tablet? Today we will tell you about the five most successful, in our opinion, inexpensive tablets and try to find out what they may be of interest to us..

# 5 Nomi C070012 Corsa3 7 ″ 16 GB 3G

The Nomi tablet will be an excellent option for those who do not strive for a large diagonal and a big name of the manufacturer. And since the tablet is not just a universal device, but also family-wide, because it can be used by both parents and their children, the Nomi Corsa3 can be a great gift for a child. The thing is that the cost of this tablet is extremely low, especially if you compare it with more branded counterparts. At the same time, the capabilities of this model can amaze many.

So, the Nomi Corsa3 tablet has a small diagonal of 7 ″ and a sufficient resolution of 1280×800 pixels. Such a tablet cannot be called a gaming one, because it has a 4-core, but rather simple processor with a frequency of only 1.2 GHz. There is also not much RAM – only 1 GB. The device’s cameras cannot be called outstanding either. The main camera has a resolution of 2 megapixels, and the front – 0.3 megapixels. Of course, you won’t be able to make high-quality selfies with such a camera, but for video communication with loved ones it will completely fit. But at the same time, Nomi Corsa3 has a good display for surfing the Internet, and it is perfect for communicating through a variety of instant messengers.The main advantages of the Nomi Corsa3 are its extremely low cost, support for GPS, OTG, as well as the ability to use a SIM card for mobile Internet and even ordinary phone calls. But what we may not like is the battery of this gadget, because its volume is only 2,500 mAh. Thus, if you become the owner of Nomi Corsa3, then it is better not to go far from the network in order to be able to recharge your tablet on time.

# 4 Huawei MediaPad T3 7 ″ 1/8 Gb

Most often, if we plan to purchase an inexpensive or so-called budget gadget, then we think about little-known brands that promise us excellent performance, and for this they ask for a fairly small cost. But if you are an admirer of branded technology and do not want to experiment on a variety of Chinese “clones” or analogues, then Huawei MediaPad T3 may become one of the most optimal tablets in this case. This is a 7-inch tablet, which with its parameters reminds us very much of the previous model in our rating with some adjustments.So, MediaPad T3 has the same diagonal, but a slightly more modest display resolution of 1024×600 pixels. And the local memory of the tablet will be limited to 8 GB, but do not forget that we can expand it using a memory card. And at this point, the “cons” of the Huawei tablet end and significant “pros” begin. Of course, Huawei MediaPad T3 is more expensive, but for this we get a metal case instead of a plastic one, a slightly more powerful and efficient processor and a better front camera, thanks to which we can not only communicate with relatives and friends via Skype, but also claim to be no selfie.

It is also worth noting that the MediaPad T3 has a good 4,100 mAh battery, which is perfect for those who plan to take it with them on travel or on vacation, because such a tablet often does not need to be charged. In addition, this model supports Wi-Fi Direct technology, so we can connect our tablet to the TV. Of course, Huawei MediaPad T3 supports the installation of a SIM card for mobile Internet and making phone calls..

# 3 Lenovo Tab 10 TB-X103F 16 Gb

Well, what to do if we want to get a large 10-inch gadget, but at the same time we, as before, do not plan to spend significant amounts of hard-earned money. For skeptical readers, I’ll immediately say that there is a solution even in the segment of well-known branded devices. Such a successful and inexpensive solution can be the tablet Lenovo Tab 10 TB-X103F with a memory capacity of 16 GB. This is a real 10-inch tablet with excellent parameters, which will prove to be quite sufficient for the vast majority of users. But remember that we are considering inexpensive tablets, and therefore, in order to get an inexpensive, but branded tablet, we must sacrifice something.

Lenovo tablets, including the model we are considering, have proven themselves from the best side in terms of sound quality. So, our Tab 10 has built-in stereo speakers that give out powerful (like for a tablet computer) and surround sound. At the same time, the tablet boasts excellent autonomy, because its battery has a charge of 7,000 mAh. This should be enough for a long time. The gadget’s cameras can also please, because the main one has a resolution of 5 megapixels, and the front – 2 megapixels. This is a pretty good indicator for a tablet..

Well, what should we sacrifice for the sake of low cost? Everything is simple here! On the Lenovo Tab 10 TB-X103F there is no possibility to install a SIM card. If we need the Internet, then we can get it on this tablet only via the Wi-Fi network, and mobile 3G or, especially, LTE will not be available.

# 2 Samsung Galaxy Tab E 9.6 T561 3G

Even when we consider budget gadgets, we can’t do without Korean Samsung. The thing is that Samsung penetrates almost all areas of the IT industry and does not disdain to offer us even budget devices, which, by the way, turn out to be very high-quality and productive. A striking example of an inexpensive, but high-quality tablet is the Samsung Tab E model, which also provides us with a large 9.6-inch diagonal. This is great, but it’s worth noting right away that if you’re not ready to buy a branded case for such a tablet, costing from UAH 800 to 1,100, then, alas, picking up an inexpensive universal analogue to it will not be so easy.

The Samsung Tab E tablet has average parameters when compared with modern counterparts from the same manufacturer. The thing is that this model belongs to the development in 2015 and since then has lost in value from 5,999 UAH to 4,999 UAH. But, despite the fact that the model is not new, it still remains relevant for those who do not place high demands on the tablet computer. The gadget has a good display with a resolution of 1280×800 pixels, a sufficient battery for 5,000 mAh and a 4-core processor at 1.3 GHz.

Among other things, we can install a SIM card in our Samsung Tab E tablet in order to use the mobile Internet and even make calls from it. Although with such a diagonal of the screen, calling without using a headset will be extremely inconvenient. Traditionally for Samsung IT gadgets, the device’s camera is on top, but, of course, if you compare it with similar devices. The main camera has a resolution of 5 megapixels, and the front – 2 megapixels.

# 1 Lenovo Tab4 7 ″ Essential TB-7304L 16Gb 3G

It is worth recognizing that if we are looking for an inexpensive, but the highest quality and most efficient tablet computer, it is best to make our choice between 7-inch models. The thing is that if we want to get a really productive and functional 10-inch gadget, then we should expect more substantial costs. We will consider such tablets in our next reviews. Thus, if we consider a tablet with a smaller screen diagonal, but at the same time plan to get more performance, then one of the most profitable such tablets will be Lenovo Tab4 7 ″ Essential.

This model line was updated quite well last year and received a number of bonuses. This applies not only to performance parameters, but also to external characteristics. This model looks extremely modern, because its body is extremely compact, despite the fact that the screen diagonal is standard 7 ″. Thanks to such compactness, it easily fits in one hand and can even be used as a regular smartphone without a special headset. With cheaper gadgets of the same plan, the Lenovo Tab4 7 ″ Essential stands out for its autonomy. If we analyze its parameters with the previous models considered by us, then Tab4 surpasses them either due to its ability to use SIM cards, or by the amount of memory and processor performance.

To summarize all of the above, the Lenovo tablet is the golden mean that we often strive for when considering budget tablets. Tab4 has a powerful processor, ample memory and a modern look. This, most often, is quite enough when choosing a tablet computer.

Summing up the TOP

If, after reading this material, you have an irresistible desire to quarrel with us, we’ll hasten to assure you that absolutely any rating made not by you can easily cause such a feeling. Therefore, we urge you to tolerance, but if you still want to express your opinion or even offer us some kind of excellent budget tablet option that is not presented in our review, we will be glad to get your opinion. In the end, it remains only to say that the selection of the best “state employees” among the tablets and their location among themselves in the ranking, we carried out, fully relying on our personal experience in this field and, perhaps, even some sympathies.

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