The best smartphones in a compact package!

It has been a third of the summer, and although the heat has not completely gained power over the weather, sunny days prevail. Most of us, even in spite of the unofficial dress code of the “working” version of the clothes, sometimes want to come in shorts. And some even come – why there! But it doesn’t matter whether we are rushing to work or walking on weekends, wearing shorts or thin jeans – everyone has the same problem – where to put your bulky modern smartphone?!

If you have already made your choice and are not going to change the phone yet, then the choice, unfortunately, is not great. However, often buyers prefer to have a second phone for work or personal affairs, and here we can offer you a useful list of the best compact smartphones. It will also be useful for all those who are simply puzzled at the moment by choosing a new phone – to take into account, in this case, its size will not hurt, since it’s a fashion-mode and nobody has canceled the convenience.

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Sony has been adhering to its own phone manufacturing concept for many years. She has a special vision, which sometimes differs from global trends and, in this case, we are grateful to her for this. And it’s true – if you go now to choose a modern, functional and compact smartphone, then your choice will be very limited. But thanks to Sony, we have a great example of a functional and surprisingly comfortable phone called the Xperia XZ2 Compact.

In this model you will find absolutely everything that should be in a modern smartphone – the most-most powerful and fastest Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor – please, the dust and moisture protection of the case is easy! Beautiful 5-inch IPS screen, powerful cameras, support for the latest wireless and audio standards, USB Type-C, 4 GB of RAM, the latest version of Android and many, many other first-class features.

What can I say – today it’s almost the only productive and compact Android-smartphone from the A-brand, which is not only embarrassing to show people, but on the contrary can even cause envy among the majority of those around them, with their huge but “slow” smartphones. After all, Sony managed to make a real flagship, but in a compact size. Its dimensions are only 135x65mm and a fly in the ointment in this beautiful phone lurks behind. It can be seen only in profile, since the thickness of the Xperia XZ2 Compact is 12.1 mm, which is quite a lot.

But, in fairness, we say that such a “punchy” phone is very convenient to hold in your hands, and it practically does not cause any discomfort. And, of course, it’s nice to understand that you have in your hands the most modern and functional model of the phone, which can calmly remain the same for several years and you will not feel the need to replace it for a second.


Of course, talking about the famous and practical compact smartphones is impossible without mentioning the American brand Apple. And not even just a mention, but a specific such emphasis on him. After all, digging for a very long time adhered precisely to the compact form factor and did not want to depart from it. And only under the pressure of trends, fashion and multimillion-dollar opinions about the need to increase the screen, the company appeared a series of models with the Plus prefix. By tradition, every year (for three years now) Apple has a regular iPhone and its larger version of “Plus”. Just about the Plus version, in the context of our article, we will not talk. But models with 4.7-inch screens are very suitable for our criteria.

Let’s start with the most profitable offer today, which optimally combines functionality and low cost (by the standards of Apple technology) – iPhone 7.

Presented in 2016, this model is still breaking records and is very dearly loved by billions of users around the globe. After all, it has everything that distinguishes Apple smartphones from others and even more. Everyone loves the fast and optimized operation of iPhone smartphones – great, here you have a fast A10 Fusion processor and the latest version of iOS, enjoy. Everyone wants to take beautiful photos on the iPhone – no question. iPhone 7 is equipped with an improved 7 megapixel selfie camera and an unsurpassed main 12 megapixel camera, equipped with optical stabilization and high-aperture optics. Moreover, stabilization works for both photos and video.

The dimensions of the iPhone 7 case are also very remarkable and convenient – 138.3 x 67.1 x 7.1 mm. It’s a bit longer and wider than the Xperia XZ2 Compact, but the iPhone 7 is much thinner than it is. It is also lighter and made of aluminum, which has become more rough and velvety than, for example, the 6s model, which means it will be less striving to slip out of hands.

The next smartphone, which we simply must mention, is the last released iPhone model – 8.

With its appearance, fans had a lot of controversy and conflicting opinions regarding the appropriateness of buying this model and generally doubts about whether to change the 7th iPhone to the 8th. Apple, as far as possible, has reduced competition within the lineup due to various amounts of RAM. That is, if you have enough 32 GB of internal storage (which, as you know, cannot be expanded with a memory card), then you have iPhone 7. If 64 GB is iPhone 8. With versions of 128 and 256 GB everything is the same way – the first one is offered iPhone 7 and iPhone 8 second.

But if this selection criterion is not enough for you, then here are the main advantages of the iPhone 8:

It has a glass back panel (the most durable glass that has ever been used in Apple smartphones – according to the company) and due to this you can use wireless chargers for iPhone 8. It has the most modern, to date, Apple A11 Bionic processor which supports work with neural networks. The camera has undergone minor improvements, however, the sensor size has been increased, due to which the image quality, especially at night, has become better. In addition, all users should appreciate the highest level of adaptation of the screen to the environment, thanks to True Tone technology – not only its brightness changes, but also the thermal coloring of the image, which measures the “white balance” automatically.

Otherwise, the differences from the iPhone 7 are minimal – the dimensions have not changed much – the new 8 has added 0.1 cm in length and 0.2 cm in width and thickness. Also, because of this, the mass of the phone has increased, which now is 148 g (compared to 138 g for iPhone 7).

With the capabilities of the new processor and True Tone display technology, there are a number of changes and improvements that have been introduced to the new product, but these are the subtleties of work, and they are not so clearly visible to an inexperienced user.

More affordable models

As you noticed, we tried to highlight exactly the best models, A-brands and the highest class. As for the models in the middle price range, there are even fewer representatives in it, alas. However, we still found for you a couple of models that will surely become reliable partners in your life and work, and also will not take up much space in your pocket.

Again, Sony comes to our rescue, which offers the latest model of 2018 Sony Xperia XA2. This representative of the middle class of smartphones will surely appeal to all adherents of the brand, as well as to anyone who wants to have a phone that is different from all other ones. Yes, it is still a rectangle with a large screen, like 99% of all modern smartphones, but those design elements that appear in it quite often are not like anything else. This is not another device copied from the iPhone, but completely individual, both in appearance and functionally..

It has a very good Qualcomm Snapdragon 630 processor, 3 GB of RAM and a good, Full HD IPS 5.2-inch screen. A metal-plastic case, a powerful battery with very convenient recharging capabilities, a high-quality 23 megapixel camera, wide color gamut and small dimensions of 142x70x9.7 mm guarantee the success of Sony’s new product. And also a very pleasant bonus for everyone who wants to purchase a functional smartphone will be the price tag.

Another representative of the compact, but interesting version of the smartphone is last year’s Huawei Nova 2. Huawei is the largest smartphone manufacturer in the world, so you can not worry about this model either regarding its quality or functionality.

For its rather low cost, Nova 2 offers us a balanced set of features that satisfy the position of a mid-range phone. A good proprietary Kirin 659 processor, as much as 4 GB of RAM, a premium metal case with a bright LTPS 5-inch Full HD screen. At the same time, the model from Huawei offers you a dual camera that can give more than all the other models considered today and this is not just a marketing move – the pictures are bright and clear, with the possibility of optical zoom.

Also, Huawei Nova 2 immediately provides fast charging options, USB Type-C, a high level of transmission quality and sound amplification, excellent performance and even a silicone case included. Such trifles are always pleasant, especially considering that the manufacturer certainly does not force them to overpay for them – the cost of this smartphone is not at all scary, and even vice versa, it has a purchase.


Today’s trends, which are so actively dictating fashion trends in the world of smartphones, have practically deprived us of compact, functional, and convenient smartphones, which are sometimes necessary and irreplaceable. However, we hope that we were able to help all those who are faced with the choice of a neat, small and high-quality phone. And rest assured, with these models you will never hear jokes from friends “why did you take plasma off the wall ?!” or “where I lost the handle of this shovel”, since their dimensions are the most optimal that can only be today.

Convenient to you phones and their comfortable use!

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