Shooter for the calculator: the new Valorant toy from Riot Games

This is not the first day the network has been storming over the news about the launch of Valorant, the new multiplayer shooter from the Riot Games team. What is it and what does it eat with? It’s too early to talk about full-fledged reviews, but there are already reviews about Valorant, and in some places they are quite contradictory.

If you go through the tops and make a small selection of the main characteristics of the new toy, the cocktail turns out to be very original: it’s a mixture of a tactical shooter in CS: GO format, stretched over a cartoon graph in the style of Overwatch and seasoned with something like magic. Oh yes, the developers also promise that igruha will fly on any gaming system – even on calculators as ancient as a mammoth tusk.

For example, on the official Valorant website it is stated that even the weakest and oldest PCs will be able to produce stable 30 FPS. And if you consider that Valorant is not just a dynamic, but a VERY dynamic shooter, requiring the player to have an excellent reaction speed, and using his iron – stable work without lags and dullnesses, the statement is promising. Another important point concerns cheating: developers promise a reliable anti-cheat job from the first day of the game.

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Gameplay in Valorant

The gameplay and general mechanics of the game of the new tactical shooter Valorant can be described quite briefly. Fighting between 5×5 teams takes place according to a scheme that is very similar to the notorious Counter-Strike in many ways. It’s also very cool that you don’t have to spend a couple of clips to destroy the enemy, as, for example, in Tom Clancy’s The Division 2. So yes – for a beautiful keel, only one well-aimed shot in the head is enough. Dexterity of the player, reaction speed and the ability to shoot accurately without much thought and aiming are elevated here to the first place. The purest competitive tactical shooter as it is.

The maps on which the battles take place also really resemble a “counter” – the systems of rooms, corridors, passages and small spots of open space in Valorant stably cause CS: GO fans to feel light such a deja vu. Game cards are small, but well thought out, so in order to study them well, users still need to spend some amount of time.

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Valorant – tactics and strategy

The basic rules of the game and shooting physics also came from somewhere in the universe of CS type shooters. Before the battle, each player selects a character from ten available options, but the server determines the choice of the team to be played for (defense or attack). The main task of the attackers is to install and activate the Spike bomb, and the defenders to prevent this by any means possible. The bomb, by the way, is quite funny, visually reminiscent of the magical effects from some Revelation. Only with a graph is much simpler.

By the way, about near magic effects and others like them. In Valorant, each of the ten basic characters has a set of individual skills and cunning skills, sometimes a little atypical for classic shooters. Developed modestly call these chips “superpowers.” Interestingly, all these “special skills” must be used very rationally, since they are far from unlimited. And it’s cool.

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Iron requirements for playing Valorant

As we have already said, the developers of Valorant promise a stable thirty FPS even on weak hardware, which should maximally equalize the chances of victory between all gamers. It’s not yet possible to say how much in reality only skill and directness of hands will play here, but so far the PC requirements for Valorant, stated by the creators of the game, are very inspiring:

PC minimum requirements Guaranteed FPS Level
Graphics Card: Intel HD 3000

Percent: Intel Core 2 Duo E8400

· From 4 GB of RAM

30 FPS
Graphics card: Geforce GT 730

Percent: Intel i3-4150

· From 4 GB of RAM

60 FPS
Graphics card: GTX 1050 Ti

Percent: Intel Core i5-4460 3.2 GHz

· From 4 GB of RAM

144 FPS and more

Now Valorant, created on the basis of the Unreal Engine game engine, has been at the stage of closed beta testing since April 7, 2020, and the Riot Games team plans to launch it in the summer in the summer of 2020, that is, in just a few months. Today, users from almost any country of the CIS and Europe, as well as gamers from the USA, Canada and Turkey can take part in the PTA..

And users can get keys to Valorant PTA from Twitch streamers – developers have opened the possibility of automatically issuing keys through all streams on Twitch for which the Twitch Drops option is activated. So, if you have both an account on Twitch and a desire to chop into a new shooter during quarantine, you can quite a bit slip into the streams and catch the very treasured key 😉

After the start of MBT, the game will be completely free, but they will still provide for the possibility of buying for real – users will be able to donate in-game cosmetic items that do not affect the game balance. At least, it is the absence of a “special” equip and boosters for pumping that the creators of Valorant promise us now, and what will really be there, we will find out in just a few months.

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