How to call Uber through a mobile application or Google Maps

As you probably already know, the services of an American international company for searching, calling and paying for Uber taxis can also be used in Ukraine.

Today, Uber services are available in cities such as the Dnieper, Kiev, Odessa and Lviv.

For those who have not yet used this service, it will be interesting to know that Uber is very popular all over the world because of the openness of information about the driver and passenger, and low tariffs. But its main purpose and idea is to bring a taxi to a place that you indicated on the map or based on your geo-location, automatically, without the need to communicate with dispatchers or wait until you call them or they call you back.

Additional advantages include:

  • The ability to track a taxi that rides after you
  • You can not pay in cash at all, only through a bank card
  • Uber gives a guarantee on a certain kind of car quality level and driver qualifications.
  • The driver always goes along a previously known route (and not because it is more profitable for him) and picks no one


How to call a Uber taxi through the Uber mobile app

In order to use Uber taxi services you need to visit or download the Uber mobile application in the App Store or Play Market.

For convenience, we will consider the whole process using a mobile application, but on the computer everything looks almost identical.

  1. After downloading the Uber mobile application, click on the registration button.
  2. Enter your Name, Surname, phone number, e-mail and create a password for your Uber account.
  3. The phone must be current – they will call you when ordering a taxi and to confirm your account.
  4. E-mail must be up-to-date, receipts and confirmations will be sent to it..
  5. Read the license terms and click “create account”.

To order a trip through the mobile application you need:

  1. Launch Uber App.
  2. Choose destination (your current position will be considered the starting point).
  3. If you will be leaving from another place, then indicate the current place of boarding in a taxi.
  4. After you enter the address, select it from the proposed pop-up options.
  5. After that, the application will pave the route and you just have to choose the type of car, according to its class.
  6. Usually, this is an affordable UberX – an ordinary 4-seater with no additional amenities. Or it could be Uber Select – a higher-class car.
  7. The approximate cost of the trip displayed on the screen – it depends on many factors, such as traffic congestion or car availability..
  8. The general calculation formula is based on the time and distance of the trip. If there are traffic jams in the city and the average taxi speed turns out to be low, then payment will be for the travel time, and if the roads are free, then for the mileage.
  9. After that, click “Order Uber” – the application will offer to confirm your location.
  10. Then options may follow when the application offers you alternative places where a taxi will be convenient to pick you up if the place of the fence does not meet the criteria.
  11. It is important to stay in place after ordering a taxi, as otherwise the driver may lose time looking for your location.
  12. If there are no free cars in your area, then you can book a trip for another time – after all, someone can drop off passengers and become available for transportation.

  1. As soon as you have a driver who accepts your call, you will see his phone number (you can use it if you need to explain the details of the trip to you or any wishes)
  2. If the trip needs to be canceled, then the cancellation fee will be deducted from you (in all cities it is different). Usually the amount is deducted if the cancellation is made less than 5 minutes before the arrival of a taxi.
  3. Choose payment type – cash or card
  4. When you arrive at your destination, be sure to evaluate the driver’s performance. Please note that a rating of 4 stars or lower may adversely affect the driver rating. Therefore, think twice before evaluating a driver badly in a hurry – maybe when you need a taxi next time, only drivers with a low rating will be around and Uber will not take them into account. As a result, you will not be able to leave as quickly as you would like.

How to call Uber taxi via Google Maps

Well, the good news is that you can call Uber taxi using Google Maps.

In previous versions of Google Maps, the service took into account the approximate cost of a taxi ride when plotting a route. After updating this year, it became possible to book a trip without leaving the Google Maps application.

Among the new features, when plotting a route, you can see the travel options by different modes of transport (including cycling and walking) with a breakdown of the fare. As well as a visual display of drivers in your area when it comes to Uber taxis. From the moment you log in to your Uber account on your phone, after downloading the Uber application in advance, you will be able to see travel options, choose the type of car, available promotions and fare, with payment options.

  1. Open the Google Maps mobile app.
  2. Specify the destination in the “Enter request” field.
  3. Click the vehicle icon to see the route.

  1. Select the tab where the person’s figure holds the portfolio to see options for ordering Uber.
  2. Select the appropriate car class option, if available, to see the waiting time and tariff calculations..
  3. Click “Next”.

  1. Confirm the payment method and the place where to pick you up.
  2. Click “Order” to call Uber taxi.
  3. You will be able to see the driver details, as well as the arrival time of your Uber taxi.

Uber service is now integrated into Google Maps and you can see more route options from point A to point B, just open the Uber or Google Maps mobile application and confirm the taxi call.

Tell us your opinion about Uber. What are your impressions?

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