Happy together: how to celebrate Valentine’s Day

To make Valentine’s Day interesting and memorable, you do not need to reinvent the wheel. Each pair has its own ideal scenario and its amenities. Let’s understand.


For romantics
For creative natures
For couples with an active lifestyle
For moviegoers
For gamers
For music lovers
For couples tired of the routine and wanting to regain their former passion
For pragmatists
And if there is no pair …

For romantics

A classic of the genre is a romantic candlelight dinner. Yes, it may sound corny, but there is a place to be. And if this is exactly what you miss in the hustle and bustle, when you can tête-à-tête, slowly and looking forward to a continuation, good food, talk about you, dream, relax, then feel free to choose this option.

Moreover, it can be supplemented with very interesting things. For example, striptease in their own performance or role-playing games. By the way, what is not a gift for the second half?

In addition, romantic natures will appreciate all kinds of favors like teddy bears, hearts, photo frames (also in hearts, as without them) and other mi-mi-mi.

Such a vanilla present for a lady must certainly be complemented with flowers. For example, red roses. By the way, in the United States on Valentine’s Day more than 100 million red roses are sold – flowers that speak for themselves.

A great gift like “me too” is paired items: when one half of the item is with you and the other half is with your loved one. And when you are together, the halves reunite.

There are many ideas, from paired cups to paired t-shirts.

Sweets are appropriate on this day. In Italy, for example, Valentine’s Day is considered a day of sweet tooth – even called a sweet day. And any Italian would prefer a simple sweet surprise to the most original Valentine.

But in Japan, sweets – chocolate – give this day exclusively to men. Everything is fair: they will thank their beloved on March 14, called there white day.

Romantics can also give an asterisk from the sky. True, you have to connect your imagination. They say a lot of stars in the planetarium. Great reason to visit this place. Admiring the starry sky together is perhaps 80+ lvl of romance.

For creative natures

It’s great if you have a common hobby: it will turn out to arrange an unforgettable holiday for you two.

For example, you can go to the theater. Usually February 14th is a lot of thematic performances.

And you can go to the circus. And remember childhood, and laugh heartily at the clowns and animal tricks, and laughter – it unites.

Aesthetes will surely enjoy Valentine’s Day at the Museum of Art. By the way, after you can drop in a restaurant or cafe for a romantic dinner.

It’s also good to attend some interesting two-person workshop together..

The original version is a thematic photo shoot. It can be a great gift..

Nobody forbids using photobuthoria. It should be interesting, and if you are really creative, then creative.

And it is not necessary to resort to the services of a professional. If there is a desire, but there is no money, you can arrange a mini-photoset at least on your smartphone or camera. And for general photos use, as an option, a monopod for selfie.

It would be ideal to capture your couple against the background of all the symbols of love in your city and in its most beautiful places.

Well, the choice of gifts should be approached creatively. With a twist, for example, such an option as a magnetic whiteboard. Heart shaped.

Usually it is mounted on a refrigerator. On such a “canvas” it’s convenient to leave your love messages at least every day.

For couples with an active lifestyle

If you do not like to lie on the couch and prefer active leisure, continue to do so. Many are striving for this..

A variety of winter activities are available for you, from children’s games in snowballs and sculpting a snowman to skating, skiing, snowboarding, ice-skating and more. By the way, on many ice rinks, they organize so-called love-evenings for couples in love who ride pens. Oh, romance!

In February you can ride horses. And this is a great gift that you definitely need to capture. It is possible that you often want to spend your leisure time like this..

You can add excitement by going to the billiard room. Another popular option is bowling..

And also – a private dance lesson, especially if some passionate ones like tango. But the good old waltz is quite romantic.

If you don’t want to go anywhere, you can have fun at home playing a twister. Surely she will end in kisses. At the same time, you will find out whose stretch is better.

A good gift for couples with an active lifestyle will be a subscription to a fitness center or sports equipment, as well as all kinds of fitness gadgets.

These extreme people will be happy with new experiences: immersion in virtual reality with the help of special glasses (there are models from 150 hryvnias), paragliding, parachuting and so on in this direction. It’s great if you have an action camera to remember it.

For moviegoers

Going to the movies is also a classic of the Valentine’s Day genre. On February 14, watch in the cinema the news about great and bright love. Some of them have a romantic movie night for lovers.

Homemade option for moviegoers – cozy and tasty – at the TV. Google TOP movies about love – and watch together in an embrace for your pleasure.

For gamers

What could be better than an evening of joint games on the console? For gamers – nothing!

For such keen people there is a category of gifts..

For music lovers

Music lovers can visit a concert of their favorite band on February 14th. If you can get tickets, there will be no limit to joy.

Alternatively, lovers of the classics can spend time in the philharmonic or in the organ hall or have an evening of music at home: make a selection of your favorite songs and groups – and enjoy them together with a glass of champagne in your hands. Great really?

An original gift for the music lover is a serenade. If it is difficult to perform it yourself (for example, so as not to offend the hearing of your soulmate), order a serenade.

A more practical version of the presentation to the soulmate-music lover is portable acoustics, headphones, a disc with new songs of the group that she likes.

For couples tired of the routine and wanting to regain their former passion

It will help to make a kind of journey into the past. Perhaps you can restore feelings when you visit the place where, for example, you met or first kissed, the place of the first date. These tremulous memories will surely warm your hearts.

You can go from the opposite – together to visit new places, but at least a cafe in which you have never been. In general, change the scenery. This will open the eternal circle of “home-work-home” and diversify your life. It’s also a fresh experience..

Ideal – get out for another day in another city, see its sights and beautiful places.

A joint SPA-program will help you to relax, which can become your gift.

Presentations reminiscent of your candy-bouquet period are also good. Well, or just gifts talking about love. For example, a soft pillow-antistress with recognition. And it is appropriate at any stage of the relationship.

And by all means write a letter to your soulmate. Yes, yes, a letter! February 14th is a good reason to do it. We don’t know a single person who would not like to receive letters, especially love letters.

For pragmatists

Pragmatic couples are shown isolation from all these naughty manifestations of love and an abundance of hearts. A calm evening, devoid of soap operas and empty chatter about high feelings, is ideal. A delicious dinner, watching an interesting movie or a walk in the winter city is always wonderful.

Practical gifts will help express your love – all sorts of useful trinkets like a self-heating mug with a USB hub and a bank. Well, stylish accessories are appropriate. An original smartphone case, a leather cover for a passport, a business card holder, a purse, a SMART watch, if the budget allows, the main thing is to choose it with taste.

In general, it does not matter what to give and where to spend February 14th. Another thing is important – that on this holiday your loved one, with whom the whole year – continuous Valentine’s Day, be close and that you be happy.

And if there is no pair …

No problem. Do not lose heart. Out in England, for example, February 14th is not a holiday of lovers. This is practically a “day of friends and pets”, when even pets and all friends receive gifts. Get together, have fun from the heart, and there will be another time for romance.

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