10 steps to a successful oven.

An oven is one of the most unusual places in our kitchen. It is used not so often, but it is probably impossible to do without it in everyday life. At least a modern housewife. And how can you do without a high-quality oven, because you can cook homemade cakes, meatloaf, pies … lick your fingers! But what is a modern oven?

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Today it is a rather multifunctional device that has several heating elements, a timer, a display, various equipment, a variety of colors and design solutions. By the way, about solutions, more and more often in the matter of choosing an oven, preference is given to built-in models that perfectly fit into the interior of the kitchen. Let’s figure out how to choose an oven using just 10 steps as an example, after which we will become the owner of the most suitable model.

STEP number 1. Electric or gas?

We have a definite choice of which oven to choose – electric or gas. But it is worth considering the fact that the vast majority of modern models are electric. An electric oven has several advantages over its gas counterparts, from maintaining a more accurate temperature, the ability to work together with a grill, while in a gas oven you most often need to choose one thing.

In addition, we must remember that the built-in oven and hob are different household appliances, and accordingly are connected to the mains or gas as well separately. Therefore, if we have a gas hob, then connecting a second appliance – a gas oven is quite problematic and may require a new gas connection project, which entails additional investments.

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STEP №2. Choose the size of the oven

How to choose an electric oven (or gas) in size? Usually this question does not affect our consciousness, but still we need to pay attention to this nuance. The most common standard for the physical dimensions of a built-in oven today is 60 by 60 cm in width and height. In this form, about 90%, or even more ovens are produced for the Ukrainian market.

Nevertheless, there are narrower options that will be needed if your kitchen is really quite tiny. In addition to narrow options, there are wide ones, but they are extremely rare. Thus, it is not difficult to assume that our choice at the stage of the second step is likely to remain with the 60-cm oven.

STEP number 3. Appearance, display and control

Despite the many diverse parameters, functions and modes, before proceeding to their analysis, you need to look at the appearance of the oven. After all, if outwardly the cabinet is not to your liking, then all impressions of its functionality and modern properties will be spoiled. The first thing you need to pay attention to before choosing a built-in oven is its design, color, shape of the handle. The color should match the overall interior of the kitchen, and the design should please our look..

What else affects external parameters? Of course, the display and control panel. It can be mechanical or electronic. The mechanical panel does not have a display and, most often, consists of three handles (less often two). One is responsible for setting the temperature, the second is for choosing a mode, and the third is a timer. Electronic control has a display where you can use the timer, set the current time. In addition, two knobs for setting the temperature and mode will be available. They can be recessed or not. In some of the most modern solutions there are no knobs at all, all control of the oven is done through the display.

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STEP №4. Determine the volume, look at the configuration

At this stage, we already clearly understand what type of oven we want, how it will look and what dimensions it should have. But do all ovens, having the same dimensions, have a similar volume? The answer is no! Oven volume is measured in liters, and even having the same size, some models may have a volume greater or less than their counterparts. Thus, do not forget to open the door of the model we liked, and evaluate it from the inside.

After we found a suitable model with sufficient volume, we look at what is inside. An important step in resolving the issue of how to choose a built-in oven is to determine its configuration. Standard equipment implies the presence of one baking sheet and wire rack. But, contrary to this, some manufacturers provide us with an expanded set of equipment, where there are two baking sheets – deep and shallow and wire rack, and sometimes even three baking sheets.

STEP №5. Cleaning methods

A variety of products are baked and baked inside the oven chamber. And the more often we cook, the more our oven becomes soiled. Therefore, it would not hurt to take care in advance about how we will care for the new device.

  • The oven is usually cleaned with water and steam. About 200 ml of water is poured into a deep pan, the temperature is set at 120 ° C and we wait 20 minutes. After that, just wipe the inner chamber with a clean rag.
  • In models a little more expensive there may be a special catalytic plate with porous enamel. It independently breaks down particles of fat, but in turn we can only wipe the inner walls and the door.
  • Premium models have pyrolytic cleaning. In this case, the oven door is blocked, and the temperature inside the chamber is heated to the level of 500 ° C. After cleaning, just wipe the camera a little and that’s it.

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Undoubtedly, it is necessary to take care of and clean the oven, therefore, before choosing an electric oven and purchasing it, you need to determine its cleaning function.

STEP number 6. The door and its glass

Inside the oven chamber, the temperature is heated to a very high level. Its door protects us from burns and high heat, but sometimes it can not fully cope with the load. This means that you must definitely understand the structure of the door. Many appliances have a double-glazed door, but with prolonged cooking, the door may heat up to a dangerous level..

In this case, the so-called tangential cooling comes to our rescue. This is a special fan that cools the gap between the two glasses. Today it is in many ovens, but still it is better to once again make sure of its presence. If we encounter several built-in ovens that we liked, it is better to give preference to the one whose door has 3 or even 4 glass.

STEP number 7. Pay attention to the guides

Convenience and comfort play a rather important role in our everyday life. Therefore, this factor should not be neglected before choosing an electric or gas built-in oven. An important role in the ease of use of the oven is played by its guides located inside the chamber. It is on them that we attach baking sheets in which we bake and bake.

In the simplest cameras, embossed guides are used – these are just protrusions on the side walls. In the middle segment devices, wire guides are used – they are preferable, because they do not allow friction of the baking sheet on the chamber walls to scratch the inner coating. But the most preferred option is telescopic guides that allow you to almost completely remove the pan and do not hold it with your hand.

STEP number 8. Why do you need a skewer, and how does it differ from a grill?

Many mistakenly associate a skewer with a grill. In fact, this is not at all true, because the grill is located on top in the oven and is heated to high temperature. It also helps create a golden crisp on the product. The skewer, in turn, is a device inside the oven’s chamber, which allows you to install and secure large pieces of meat or fish on yourself. During operation, it rotates and the product is baked on all sides.

Today the skewer is quite a rare occurrence in the oven, but its benefits are obvious. Within our apartment, without going outside the city, we will be able to prepare very tasty and non-standard dishes. In other words, a skewer is a great addition to our oven.

STEP number 9. Microwave function in the oven

We have already learned a lot about ovens and what functions and modes they have. But one of the most unusual and special is the microwave function. Thanks to this, we are able to combine the two devices into one, namely an oven with a microwave. Thus, we can not only cook, bake and bake in the oven, but also reheat. Thus, we save additional space without installing a microwave.

If we decide that we need such a function, then we must be prepared for the fact that the dimensions of most ovens with microwave mode will be smaller – the width is unchanged and the height is only 45 cm. Accordingly, the volume of the oven will be less.

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STEP number 10. The most interesting and unusual features

We already almost completely possess all the information on how to choose a good oven. We know what it should be, how it should look, what its volume will be, but what about the functions? Yes! The oven also has a certain set of functions, and now we will figure out the most interesting options.

  • Double boiler – thanks to this function, in the oven we can not only bake and bake, but also steam. In this case, a specific tank is provided where you need to pour water.
  • Two convectors – usually in the oven only one convector is used, but in rare cases two. This allows you to cook at once on two levels, and hot air is accelerated by fans much faster.
  • Timer – It would seem a completely banal function, but how much convenience and benefit it brings. Thanks to the timer, during cooking we can be distracted and go about our business, and when everything is ready, the oven will turn off automatically.
  • Protection from children – for sure, we all know and understand how our children can be curious and inquisitive. They like to press buttons, to contact with unusual devices and so on. Protection from children will allow you to lock the control panel so that the child, even by pressing the buttons, could not change the settings of the oven.

We summarize everything!

How to choose a built-in electric oven electric or gas? We have offered you an algorithm of 10 steps, which helps us go the way to buying a functional and optimal device that will be both useful and comfortable in our home. The most important and rational steps when choosing an oven will surely be choosing its volume, regardless of size, determining the optimal design, functionality, as well as additional interesting options in the form of a spit or telescopic guides.

In fact, we do not use the oven as often as, for example, the same hob. But when the time comes when we use it, the operation should not only be reliable and well-coordinated, but also convenient.

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